With an increased focus on national security and a rise in military spending, defense-related technology is rapidly evolving both in scope and sophistication.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Eastern Europe, North Korea, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates, among others, are all actively pursuing heightened defense initiatives, according to a 2017 Global Aerospace and Defense Sector Outlook study by Deloitte.

In light of these findings, ESI took a look at some of the next-generation technologies being manufactured, such as cyber weaponry, intelligence gathering tools, defense electronics, and precision strike monitoring equipment.

Many of these technologies rely on precision metal components and assemblies for their performance. Below is a look at some of the many parts involved in manufacturing newer military technology.

Aerospace Landing Gear

Landing gear of aircraft

Just as with the passenger travel sector, the aerospace defense industry is growing rapidly as technology advances.

Aircraft landing gear, for instance, must support the entire weight of an aircraft during ground operations. Shock-absorbing equipment, brakes, retraction mechanisms, controls and other structural components are necessary to facilitate operation.

Even the smallest metal components — such as landing gear, air restrictors, clutch supports, and other internal systems — must hold tight tolerances and meet the strictest safety standards.


Disassembled M16 short rifle on white table.

Precision firearms and guns also require a variety of high-quality stamped and formed metal parts, as well as machined parts such as magazine springs, recoil springs, and triggers.

The specialists at ESI offer 5-axis CNC milling, wire EDM, and multi-axis CNC turning. We can hold tolerances as tight as .0002 inch, guaranteeing that military manufacturers and weapons manufacturers receive the highest-quality components available.


An Network servers in data room .

Communication and control systems, switch panels, surveillance systems, video and recording equipment, and a wide range of other sensitive electronics depend on precision stamped and formed metal and machined parts for seamless operation and control.

At ESI, we work with leading defense manufacturers and aerospace engineers to ensure that every component meets strict military specifications and requirements.

Precision Metal Parts at ESI

With years of industry experience working with professionals within the defense field — including arms manufacturers and weapon manufacturers — and an unwavering dedication to quality, the team at ESI is proud to provide reliable, timely custom manufacturing services for critical defense and military components. Reach out to the team today to discuss how we can help with your next project, or visit our military industry page to learn more.

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