There has been a lot of speculation lately about the future of manufacturing. What will be the top trends? How will manufacturing’s contribution to the GDP change? How will jobs shift as technology becomes “smarter”?

Speeds Up Production

It’s difficult to definitively answer these questions. But one thing is for sure: the manufacturing renaissance is here, and it is sweeping the industry. Technologies like 3D printing have been commercialized, and equipment embedded with sensors can now “communicate” with each other using the Internet of Things (IoT).

The availability of data for strategic planning, the rise automated machines, and a slew of other exciting advances are allowing manufacturers to produce units faster, smarter, and leaner than ever before.

At Engineering Specialities Inc., (ESI), unmatched production efficiency isn’t a luxury; it’s how we do business. Recently, we added three new top-of-the-line machines to speed up production times, allowing us to get solutions to our clients faster and more efficiently than ever.

Wire Straightening Machine: Producing Defect-Free Items, Faster

Commitment to quality is of paramount importance in any manufacturing endeavor. But deadlines must be adhered to as well. ESI’s team helps customers contend with difficult turnaround times and urgent needs. In a bid to expedite part production even further, we have added a fully enclosed and integrated wire straightening and cutting machine to our equipment line-up.

This machine takes round or shaped wire off a coil, straightens the wire to eliminate irregularities such as bends, and cuts it to the precisely desired length for inherently defect-free items — all in one go for better quality at a faster turnaround.

Automated Packaging Machine: Reducing Time to Ship by a Quarter

ESI is proud to offer end-to-end manufacturing solutions that include quality assurance, inspection, and assembly services. Proper packaging is a key component in this sequence, and manual execution is no longer efficient or effective.

This is why we have switched over to a sophisticated automated packaging system that does the work of 20 hours in just five.

This new packaging machine first unfolds the boxes, then loads the parts, weighs them, and packages them according to their weight. Finally, the boxes are wrapped with a pallet wrapping machine, allowing us to deliver products faster and at lower prices.

New Metal Stamping Press: A Single Tool for Many Industries

We’ve also introduced a 45-ton stamping press that is versatile enough to serve the progressive die stamping needs of a whole slew of industries and applications, including automotive, aerospace, medical, lighting, specialty plumbing, industrial hardware locks, and electrical connectors.

With this new stamping press, we can now further streamline our production and speed up the time required to manufacture complicated parts.

With 25 different presses and over 60,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space, we remain committed to constant improvement and innovation in all aspects of our work.

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These exciting new equipment additions are just the beginning. We believe in constantly adding to our skills and our equipment in order to best serve demanding industries, like the medical sector, with reliable custom parts — such as this high-quality spring and electronics shield we produced for vital monitoring equipment. Without the advanced manufacturing technology and the expertise needed to cut multiple part blanks at the same time, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver such a competitive budget or fast deadline for this order.

To view more past work and further explore ESI’s capabilities, check out our gallery.

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You can also request a custom quote to discuss options for your specific needs.

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