Is Your Metal Stamping Supplier Using the Latest Automated Technologies?

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  1. Is Your Metal Stamping Supplier Using the Latest Automated Technologies?

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    The business world runs on technology — it always has, and it always will.

    Companies in the medical, aerospace and automotive markets work with state-of-the-art technology every day, and their business rely on high standards with no room for error. Thus, they look for manufacturers who also utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce high quality parts.

    Advanced vision systems, for example, are able to inspect dozens of different part characteristics in milliseconds. Manufacturers with this technology, such as ESI, can deliver millions of parts with virtually zero defects — promising flawless quality with quick turnaround.

    Below are four videos taken in our facility, each of which highlights a different aspect of our detailed production process.

    Metal Stamping & Assembly

    Where some component companies focus solely on producing a single part, ESI is capable of providing a full suite of automated assembly capabilities, reducing costs and production time. To better serve a variety of applications, we utilize both progressive stamping and fourslide stamping techniques.

    Sophisticated Assembly for Complex Products

    We’ve provided quality metal stamping production for more than two decades. We built application-specific automated assembly technologies that incorporate precision vision inspection on every single part. ESI deals with many different volumes and material types, so we’re confident in our ability to handle any and all client requests.

    Production Machining

    While you can expect to experience cost savings when you partner with ESI, you will never encounter a drop in product quality. Our advanced equipment ensures the high quality production machining of even the most exacting parts, and our knowledgeable team has the experience needed to seamlessly execute projects to your company’s liking.

    Automated Assembly + Advanced Inspection

    Our advanced machine vision systems use imaging software to inspect multiple parts at the same time, guaranteeing that customers receive their parts to print on time, every time. These machines have allowed ESI to manufacture projects greater than 100 million parts, without a single part per million defect.

    If your current supplier is not employing the latest technology to produce your parts, contact ESI to learn more about what we have to offer.

    Want more information about how ESI has virtually eliminated high-volume metal stamping defects? Access our latest eBook, 3 Solutions to Eliminate High-Volume Metal Stamping Defects.


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