Every manufacturer knows that product defects are a major cause of cost overruns and project delays.

Quality of parts is an essential piece of the manufacturing puzzle. It is even more critical to the safety of applications, such as automotive parts. When there is absolutely no room for error, the inspection portion of the manufacturing process takes on a vital role.

As an indication of our commitment to both quality and safety, our team at ESI has designed a customized assembly machine with the ability to inspect parts based on dozens of specific criteria. In just milliseconds — a speed faster than the blink of an eye — our machine can confirm that a part has been manufactured within the tolerances specified by our client.

By leveraging the power of a vision-based inspection machine, we are able to verify parts with unparalleled speed and accuracy. The vision systems we use are capable of working far faster, and far more accurately than any human inspector.

In the end, this means that we are able to deliver cost savings without having to sacrifice the quality of our products in any way.

This photonics technology also promises an exciting future for the metal component industry. ESI and our vision inspection equipment were recently featured in a Photonics.com article called “The Value of the Visual,” which notes that:

“If the results suddenly show a rising tide of parts being rejected, then that indicates an issue with the machine making the pins, or an issue elsewhere within the manufacturing process. Knowing that as soon as possible means that any necessary repairs can be started and completed as early as possible — a goal both ESI and its customers share.”

ESI will continue to find ways to use the latest technologies for more applications and more industries. We are capable of turning out large production runs with defect rates of nearly zero, and we are already excited about what we will be able to accomplish in the future. The goal will always be the same: to produce the best parts possible at the lowest cost.

To learn more about the services offered by ESI, contact us today. We look forward to showing you what our machines can do.

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