High-end production machining for lower cost

From helicopter equipment to medical machined parts, ESI is equipped for the most exacting production machining assignments. We can take the job from CAM to production, with wire EDM, 5-axis machining and CNC capability, working with hardened tool steels, stainless, aluminum, nonferrous metals and more.cnc-parts

What enables us to achieve greater precision? The ESI difference: We take a toolmaker’s approach to production machining, understanding the fine points of the craft.

For example, ESI will fixture the workpiece rather than clamp it in a vise, for datum-point perfect accuracy. Because of our efficient size, our toolmaking experience and our high-end capabilities, we’re able to give you a better product for a lower cost. We also offer 3D printing capabilities for rapid prototyping of CNC machined parts. This prototyping allows ESI to quickly fabricate to-scale prototypes that we test for form, fit and function.

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Machining Specifications:

  • 5 Axis CNC Millingmilling
  • CNC Turning with Live Tooling
  • Latest Wire EDM Equipment
  • Solidworks, MasterCAM, AutoCAD, Esprit Software
  • Aluminum to Hardened Steels and Exotic Alloys
  • Multi-Axis Aircraft Machining
  • Precision Medical Components
  • Complex Shapes for Every Industry



Frequently Asked Questions about CNC Machining

What is production machining?

Production, or high-volume, machining is cutting a piece of raw material into a desired part or shape removing material in a controlled process. One of these processes is CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, Machining, in which tools like lathes, routers, mills and grinders are controlled by computers.

How can I save money with production machining?

Two ways to save are with tolerances and with number of axes. If a project doesn’t require tight tolerances, talk to your engineer about what can be acceptable while still saving on production costs. The smallest of tolerance adjustments can save significant amounts.
A 5-axis machine will produce results more efficiently than a 3-axis machine. ESI offers 5-axis solutions because it saves money and improves accuracy. As the name indicates, 5-axis machines offer five axes of movement to machine multiple sides of a part. A 3-axis machine can only offer one side of machining to a part, which adds steps, time and money to the process. In addition, 5-axis machining reduces stacking error.

What are examples of machining projects?

ESI manufactured a flange nut to affix to an arbor. The nut had to be both strong and wide without hindering the arbor’s rotation, as well as easily screw into place. The solution was an aluminum bronze nut (for strength) and specific threading and diameter for usability and fit.
Other examples are machining an aluminum air restrictorfor an aerospace manufacturer and a metal stamp to act as a spring and electronics shieldfor vital sign monitoring equipment. For the first, ESI took over the aerospace project to meet quality requirements and volume deadlines. For the second, ESI provided a quicker and more affordable solution over competitor quotes for the medical industry client.

What kind of metals can be used in production machining?

Aluminum, brass and bronze can be used on CNC machines. Aluminum offers extreme durability while still being easy to cut through and machine. Brass and bronze don’t offer the same level of durability and ease of cutting, though aren’t uncommon. To assist in cutting certain metals, specific bits will be used to ease the cutting process for various thicknesses and metal toughness. ESI prides itself on reliably machining anything from aluminum to hardened steels and exotic alloys.

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