High-end production machining for lower cost

From helicopter equipment to medical machined parts, ESI is equipped for the most exacting production machining assignments. We can take the job from CAM to production, with wire EDM, 5-axis machining and CNC capability, working with hardened tool steels, stainless, aluminum, nonferrous metals and more.

cnc-partsWhat enables us to achieve greater precision? The ESI difference: We take a toolmaker’s approach to production machining, understanding the fine points of the craft.

For example, ESI will fixture the workpiece rather than clamp it in a vise, for datum-point perfect accuracy. Because of our efficient size, our toolmaking experience and our high-end capabilities, we’re able to give you a better product for a lower cost.

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Machining Specifications:

  • milling5 Axis CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning with Live Tooling
  • Latest Wire EDM Equipment
  • Solidworks, MasterCAM, AutoCAD, Esprit Software
  • Aluminum to Hardened Steels and Exotic Alloys
  • Multi-Axis Aircraft Machining
  • Precision Medical Components
  • Complex Shapes for Every Industry



Other Capabilities