Think beyond metal stamping, mechanical fasteners, or assembly. Because that’s what we do.

ESI specializes in highly engineered products, with a strong emphasis on safety-critical parts.

This perspective, with more than two decades of diverse experience, makes us highly qualified for automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, and other fail-safe applications. You can turn to ESI for expertise in metal stamping, mechanical fasteners and automated assembly — but also expect much more:

progressive die stamping  We think beyond the task. We look at how a part will be used, from the next step of the production process to the finished product at work.

✓  We invest in new automated technologies that reduce labor and increase quality assurance. In fact, we design and build them for a customer’s specific applications.

✓  We depend on our Six Sigma Black Belt Trained QA personnel, but we go beyond conventional inspection. ESI creates advanced technologies that can inspect 100% of the parts we manufacture and assemble. That’s one reason why our PPM reject rate is virtually zero.

✓  We take a toolmaker’s approach to design and manufacturing. For example, we know that fixturing a machined product in production—not just holding it in a vise—can make a crucial difference in its quality.

✓  We will manufacture a few thousand parts — or millions. We’re equipped and eager to work on projects of all sizes. Download our eBook for more information about our high volume stamping capabilities.

ESI shares your sense of urgency. Some of our customers work with 8 hours of inventory. We have served them successfully for years. That record requires both careful planning and responsiveness. We’re also willing to go the extra mile when you call at the 11th hour with a top-priority need.

Ask to see our monthly client report cards. They’ll give you an up-to-the minute look at the ESI difference.