Precise tolerances from die sets to progressive dies

ESI tool and die makers bring decades of experience to every aspect of the job.


Using wire EDM, 5-axis CNC, and other high-precision equipment, they achieve tolerances as tight as .0005” (.01 mm) for parts and .0002” (.005 mm) for dies.

Producing one part can require a number of tools and a lot of skill. Our machinists understand what tools they need, including CNC machines, blueprints (from production engineers) and quality inspection devices. Their expertise is clear in the results. Watch their work in progress.

Our team provides full toolmaking service with highly refined skills for even the most complex progressive dies. We not only make tools and dies for our own processes; we make them for our clients. Look to ESI, especially when you’re up against technical challenges with short lead times.

Tool & Die Specifications

  • Multi-Out Progressive Dies
  • Short Run Tools
  • Secondary Tools
  • Precision Gages and Fixtures
  • Machine Automation
  • Integrated Vision Systems
Tolerances .0002"

To view some of the tooling samples ESI has completed, visit our Sample Gallery.

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Other Capabilities