Browse Metal Stamping Projects for the Aerospace, Medical, and Automotive Industries

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  1. Browse Metal Stamping Projects for the Aerospace, Medical, and Automotive Industries

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    Metal stamping is used in a variety of applications across industries because of the process’s high-volume production capabilities.

    stamped-componentsWhen you apply metal stamping with assembly and machining, you can also save significant overall costs and lead time for your finished component.

    ESI understands the importance of a finished part once it’s sent off for industry use. That’s why we use an assortment of stamping, tooling, and production techniques in order to match the unique needs of each industry and customer.

    To showcase the diversity of our past work, we have compiled a new sample gallery of completed metal stamping projects across a variety of industries.

    The Aerospace Industry

    air-restrictor-smallWe utilized out-of-the-box problem solving to make an aluminum air restrictor under extremely tight tolerances (0.0005” in diameter and location) for an aerospace manufacturer.

    One of our most creative engineers developed a unique method of drilling tiny holes without breaking any drill bits, resulting in high quality, cost-effective parts manufactured in less than a third of the time of our original delivery estimate.

    The Medical Industry

    CAS-med-4In a recent metal stamping project for the medical industry, ESI was asked to customize an electronics shield for vital sign monitoring equipment.

    After beginning to prototype the component, we tweaked the design to create a hard stainless steel box with dovetail closures to maintain the shield’s spring-like qualities. This simple adjustment allowed for greater design flexibility and ultimately saved the customer money on production costs.

    The Automotive Industry

    knee-airbag-grommet-automotiveESI’s custom stamped parts have a hand in many critical automotive safety features that drivers never even see.

    The knee airbag grommet, which we manufacture in quantities greater than 1,000,000 annually, was a part with such unique geometry and exceptional strength requirements that it could not be conventionally stamped. Our team developed a customized, 24 station progressive tool that would stamp the piece to perfection with every draw.

    Visit the Full Gallery

    These stories are just a few recent examples of our diverse metal stamping portfolio. To view all of the specs, photos, and additional information about our production machining projects, we invite you to browse our Sample Gallery.

    View Our Sample Gallery

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