Looking for information about metal stamping, production machining, or automated assembly?

The free resources and video demonstrations below give you a preview of ESI’s equipment in action, and go further into detail about how our technology delivers the highest quality. All materials should be used for reference only — please consult an engineer whenever inquiring about exact specifications for your project.

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metal forming material selection guide

Are you starting a new metal forming project? Make sure you have all the data about how the material will function for its intended application.

Our Material Selector Tool breaks down all the information you need to know about selecting the right material for your stamped metal part.


What is Metal Stamping?

This guide illustrates best practices and formulas commonly employed in the metal stamping design process and includes tips to incorporate cost cutting considerations into parts.


Choosing the Best Metal Stamping Material

In this guide, we will discuss the key factors to consider during the material selection process and some of the best raw materials for stamped metal parts.