Before we begin a metal stamping project with our customers, we make sure to understand how they work and how their component will work. Understanding the complete manufacturing process is important, from a part’s design and the equipment it runs on, on all the way through to delivery.

That’s why we compiled a virtual tour of ESI’s facility — so that you could see how we work. The video provides a glimpse of our automated equipment and state-of-the-art technologies. Our goal is to show you why top-tier manufacturers choose ESI for tight tolerances and tough challenges, so we packed as many processes from our facility as we could into this 3-minute video.

A Glimpse at Our Capabilities

Inside our video, we show off the variety of skills and capabilities we’ve perfected at ESI since our start in the late 90s. This includes:

Metal Stamping

ESI provides metal stamping for virtually any product at high and low volumes.

metal stamped pieces moving down a conveyor belt

We offer our clients progressive stamping to eliminate inefficiencies and cost-effectively complete multiple actions on one single press rather than repeatedly switching tooling or utilizing multiple presses. Additionally, we offer fourslide metal stamping to enable horizontal alignment and four different tools for the simultaneous bending of the workpiece.

Tool and Die Manufacturing

Beyond our metal stamping abilities, ESI can also partner you with our design and engineering experts to help manufacture tools and high-precision progressive dies for the most complex project specifications.


ESI provides their customers tolerances as tight as .0005″ (.01 mm) for parts and .0002″ (.005 mm) for dies, high-level technology like CNC machines, blueprints, and quality inspection devices, and high volume production loads.

Finishing & Assembly Services:

Additionally, ESI offers both finishing and assembly services across a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, and medical.


Our assembly services help simplify your production process by manufacturing, automatically assembling, and then inspecting your part all in one place with one vendor. Furthermore, we offer a wide breadth of metal finishes for different applications based on corrosion resistance needs, pricing restrictions, aesthetics, thermal conductivity, and a whole host of other decision factors.

Quality to Meet Your Exact Specifications:

ESI is certified IATF 16949, which is the latest automotive quality standard—similar to ISO and built on the same platform, but more stringent in certain areas. 

quality inspection equipment

However, no matter what your product, or what your specifications, ESI is driven by the demand to deliver quality for all their customer’s projects.

Contact ESI:

At ESI, the customer and the quality of the customer’s product is our top concern. Check out our new company video to learn more about we talked about above and to get an answer to the question: “Why ESI?”


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