Over the course of more than 25 years, ESI has perfected a number of stamping processes in order to better serve your needs. One of those processes is fourslide metal stamping.

A fourslide stamping machine is different from a traditional power press stamping machine in two key ways:

  1. Alignment: It is aligned horizontally as opposed to vertically.fourslide-progressive-die-stampings
  2. More Tooling: As its name implies, a fourslide has four slides; this means that up to four different tools, one per slide, can be used to achieve multiple bends simultaneously.

With a press head attachment the fourslide can also create intricate cuts similar to a progressive die. Power presses can generally achieve the same forming results, however the tooling is more complex and costly.

Each slide of a fourslide is driven by a shaft, which is controlled by the rotations of a cam. Each shaft is connected to its neighboring shafts via bevel gears — one electrical motor powers one shaft, which in turn powers the other shafts.

As material feeds into a fourslide, it is bent in quick succession by each shaft that is equipped with a tool. Feeding, bending, and cutting are all performed in one quick, smooth process, allowing for the high volume manufacture of complex pieces without sacrificing quality.

Fourslide stamping offers a number of benefits over other types of stamping:

High Functionality

  • Fourslide’s multiple tool slides allow for a straightforward process to create parts that require multiple or complex bends, including bends of greater than 90°.
  • Fourslides can also be used to form cylindrical parts, twists, holes, and threaded holes.

Cost Efficiency

  • Fourslide stamping has a number of cost efficiency advantages over other types of stamping. First, the tooling required for fourslide is generally simple and relatively inexpensive, helping to keep startup costs low.
  • Second, the material that is used for a part can often be purchased at the width of the finished product, reducing both material cost and waste.
  • Finally, because multiple bends, folds, punches, or cuts can be performed in a single step, fourslide stamping can often eliminate the need for some costly secondary machining services.

To learn more about ESI Engineering Specialties’ fourslide abilities and whether fourslide is the best option for your project, contact us today.

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