• Production Stamping

    Production Stamping

    Cutting-edge automation equipment for production metal stamping and assembly eliminates labor costs and delivers the highest level of quality assurance. From volumes of 1,000 to 20 million+, ESI provides the custom service of a small shop with the sophistication of a global manufacturer.

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  • Production Machining

    Production Machining

    ESI takes the job from solid model to production, utilizing 5-axis machining, CNC lathes and wire EDM capabilities. We complete assignments from helicopter landing gear to medical machine parts and work with high-grade hardened tool steels, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, exotic metals and more.

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  • Assembly


    We don’t just manufacture parts — we set up processes to ensure your project is completed to your precise requirements. Our automated assembly capabilities leverage complex, application-specific technology that incorporate precision vision inspection on every single part.

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  • Tool & Die Making

    Tool & Die Making

    From die sets to progressive dies, our full toolmaking services include a team of experts with highly refined skills for even the most complex dies. Using wire EDM, 5-axis CNC and other high-precision equipment, ESI achieves tolerances as tight as .0005” for parts and .0002” for dies.

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  • Custom Engineered Fasteners

    Custom Engineered Fasteners

    When customers come to us with a sophisticated assembly project, it can demand specialty industrial fasteners with proprietary threads. ESI offers custom engineered fasteners to complete your project’s assembly.

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Manufactured Parts for
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From fuel delivery systems to airbag components, stamped and machined metal parts can be found in almost every system of automotive vehicles.

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