High volume metal stamping capabilities for virtually any product

All volumes, all different materials, all the time.

For more than two decades, ESI has put its stamp on all kinds of parts, from seat belt components to solar hot water systems. Because we specialize in safety-critical components, our technologies serve a higher level of quality assurance. To better serve a variety of applications, we utilize both progressive stamping and fourslide stamping techniques. We work within a wide range of services from low to high volume metal stamping, which allows you the flexibility to achieve successful precision stamping results.


Progressive die stamping eliminates inefficiencies and provides a cost-friendly way to produce more than one action in a process. For more than 20 years, ESI has performed multiple actions on a single press, rather than constantly changing the tooling of one press or employing many expensive presses. The result is a complete part from one press.

Fourslide metal stamping offers two important features apart from traditional power presses. One is its horizontal alignment, and the second is its four slides. The numerous slides equates to having four tools to simultaneously bend a workpiece into a fully functioning part. Intricate cuts mimic the work of a progressive die, and quick bends result in high volume metal stamping capabilities.

Production metal stamping capabilities and materials

ESI invests in automated equipment with built-in vision inspection that can check every single part. Cutting-edge automation for production metal stamping and assembly also eliminates labor costs, to keep our prices sharply competitive.

We work with all different kinds of materials. We can handle thicknesses from 1/8” to .005” (4mm -.1mm). Whether you need volumes of 1,000 or less to 20 million or more, we can provide the custom service of a small shop with the sophistication of a global manufacturer. Our track record for on-time delivery speaks for itself: Ask to see our monthly customer report cards.

Perhaps most important of all, we don’t just look at a stamping; we think about the way it works in your finished product. That perspective led ESI to extend our capabilities into advanced assembly, in which we help you lower production costs and increase production rates.

You’ll find that we’re far more than a superb stamping company; we’re a problem-solving ally that can add new dimensions to quality and performance.

Metal Stamping Resources

Download Metal Stamping Design Guide


  • Fourslide stamping
  • In-die tapping
  • Electronic tool and press monitoring
  • Plastic overmolding
Press Capacity
5 to 150 tons
Ferrous and non-ferrous
.001" (.025mm)
  • Brackets
  • Clamps
  • Clips
  • Connectors
  • Contacts
  • Cups
  • Flat springs
  • Levers
  • Mounting plates
  • Retainers
  • Strain Reliefs
  • Terminals
Additional Services
  • Finishing: Cleaning, deburring, heat treating, plating
  • Assembly: Riveting, welding, tapping, staking
  • Prototype stamping

Other Capabilities