The world was handed several significant challenges this year that many businesses are still working through today. Throughout the year, ESI kept its focus on maintaining the safety of our team and customers.

esi 30th anniversary

As we enter the fourth quarter and as ESI approaches 30 years in business, we wanted to acknowledge our team members and our customers for undertaking all the challenges thrown at us. We looked back at some of our proudest moments and greatest achievements through the years and have shared them with you here.

New Facilities Acquired Over the Years (1995, 2006, 2016 and 2018)

Our first new headquarters in Branford, Connecticut provided our team with 6,000 square feet of manufacturing space. In 2006 we expanded further, moving our headquarters to a 30,500-square-foot building with a more modern setup and energy-efficient lighting.

We added a second manufacturing facility in 2016. This building provides additional warehouse space and enables us to offer a higher number of metal stamping machines and tool room equipment. 

Most recently in 2018, we purchased some vacant land adjacent to our headquarters to allow for future expansion.

Always looking for the next best technology, ESI is no stranger to growth and we’re thrilled to be able to add new offerings to our customer base.

Installing One of the Largest Solar Panel Systems in New England (2013)

At ESI, we continually strive to manufacture high-quality goods in a responsible and sustainable manner. In 2013, we took a significant step in reducing our carbon footprint when we installed one of the largest solar systems in southern New England. 

Our solar setup is composed of 494 solar panels and can generate 124 kilowatts of power. On average, this installation generates approximately 75% of our electrical power requirements, saving 100 tons of CO2 every single year. In a world where reducing carbon emissions becomes increasingly important, ESI is proud to do our part to not only save energy, but also feed surplus energy back into our local community.

New Website and Resources Launched (2016)

In order to better connect with our customers, we launched a dynamic website in 2016. This website featured a minimalist, streamlined appearance, collecting all our material in a single location. 

We added — and are constantly adding — new demonstration videos and free guides, as well as case studies and blog content to continually share important industry news and company updates with our audiences. Our new website also made it easier for us to provide additional details about our capabilities, certifications, and technology.

metal stamping design guide

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New Equipment and Capabilities Added to Our Facilities (2016, 2018 and 2020)

Looking to expand our precision machining capabilities, in 2016 we added another high-speed wire EDM cutting machine to our lineup. This highly accurate, internally cooled machine enabled us to provide our customers with superior tooling at rapid speeds.

In 2018, we added three more state-of-the-art pieces of equipment: a wire straightening and cutting machine, an automated packaging machine, and a new metal stamping press. These machines made it possible for us to increase accuracy while simultaneously speeding up our production and shipping processes.

In 2020, we added another new 150 ton Minster press.  This machine has a 54” bed to allow for even larger dies with more progressions to produce larger and more complex parts.

IATF-16949 Certification (2018)

As the automotive industry is one of the main markets we serve, we pursued our certification from the International Automotive Task Force in 2018. 

The IATF-16949 certification, which replaced the ISO/TS 16949 certification, is the automotive industry’s most trusted quality standard. It indicates that a manufacturer provides superior product performance and an efficient, accurate, and dependable production process. Our team of quality engineers worked hard to achieve this certification quickly so that we could ensure the highest quality to our customers.

Read more: ISO vs. IATF: What’s Changed in the New Requirements?

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We are incredibly proud of the milestones we have met throughout the past 30 years. Providing our customers with rapid, reliable service and the highest quality products has always been, and continues to be, our top priority. Ready to talk to our experienced team? Contact us today!

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