Stamped Metal Parts for Aerospace and Aviation

ESI consistently meets the aerospace industry’s strict product standards and quality requirements for a range of critical stamped metal components.

With the aerospace industry’s extreme focus on safety, even the tiniest stamped metal aerospace components must hold tight tolerances and meet strict quality standards — tolerances and standards that Engineering Specialties Inc (ESI) excels in meeting.

ESI achieves the exacting precision required by metal stamping for aerospace applications by embracing cutting edge technology, including:

Stamping Presses

progressive-die-stampingOur commitment to quality through technology starts with our stamping presses.

We operate a number of presses, with tonnage ranging from 5 to 150 tons, which allow us to produce components in a variety of sizes, from a variety of materials, and in volumes as small as 1,000 pieces to orders as large as 20 million or more.

All of our presses are top of the line, and we work diligently to maintain them in excellent working order. Paired with our in-house tool and die making, ESI can hold metal stamping tolerances as tight as .001” (.025mm).

Machining and Assembly

At ESI, we offer a number of machining and automated assembly services in addition to our metal stamping capabilities.

Our machining capabilities include 5-axis CNC milling, wire EDM, and multi-axis CNC turning, By providing a full range of services to our customers using these capabilities, ESI is a one-stop shop equipped to manufacture not just components but fully completed parts. You’ll receive quality finished products at reasonable costs and with expedient lead times.

Our machining tolerances can be held at as tight as .0002” (.005 mm).

Advanced Inspection Technology

Complementing the high standards we maintain in our stamping, machining, and assembly processes is our unparalleled inspection technology.

Custom-built by expert engineers, ESI employs only the most advanced vision inspection technology. Our systems, which can check dozens of pre-specified tolerance criteria on a single part in mere milliseconds, ensure that anything we manufacture is of exceptional quality. ESI’s quality assurance efforts and defect rates are among the industry’s best.

Over the course of more than 25 years, ESI has successfully completed a considerable number of aerospace projects for world-renowned aerospace manufacturers. These include:Portfolio-1-Air-Restrictor

  • Air Restrictors
  • Pilot Assist Module Manifold
  • G8 Fuel Access Base Plate
  • Collar, Tail Landing Gear
  • Clutch Support Stanchion
  • Blade Clamp Assembly
  • Hub Backwind Spindle
  • Landing Gear Bonding Fixture

To learn more about our work metal stamping for the aerospace industry, view our Sample Gallery. Or, learn how ESI helped one specific aerospace manufacturer in our aerospace case study.

Aerospace Landing Gear

Just as with the passenger travel sector, the aerospace defense industry is growing rapidly as technology advances.

Aircraft landing gear, for instance, must support the entire weight of an aircraft during ground operations. Shock-absorbing equipment, brakes, retraction mechanisms, controls and other structural components are necessary to facilitate operation.

Even the smallest metal components — such as landing gear, air restrictors, clutch supports, and other internal systems — must hold tight tolerances and meet the strictest safety standards.

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We utilized out-of-the-box problem solving to make an aluminum air restrictor under extremely tight tolerances (0.0005” in diameter and location) for an aerospace manufacturer.

One of our most creative engineers developed a unique method of drilling tiny holes without breaking any drill bits, resulting in high quality, cost-effective parts manufactured in less than a third of the time of our original delivery estimate.

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