Stamped Metal Parts for Medical Applications

The most innovative technologies are emerging from medical device manufacturers in the United States, whose state-of-the-art healthcare products are highly regarded across the globe.

As new developments and advancements are made in instrumentation, biotechnology, microelectronics, microsurgery, and other emerging fields, it becomes more important than ever to continue investing in medical industry innovation.

Meeting the Right Requirements

Das Koordinatenmessgerät O-INSPECT 322 / The new O-INSPECT 322Today’s stamped metal medical components tend to share three primary requirements — quality, precision, and size. ESI built our processes, from sourcing to quality assurance, to meet these requirements without fail.


Quality starts at the source. Even if the most precise and high tech production methods are used, a medical component made with poor quality material will be a poor quality medical component.

This is why ESI sources only the highest quality materials from reputable providers. We work primarily with stainless steel — a popular material for metal stamping for medical devices due to its strength, corrosion resistance, and biologically inert nature — but can also use many other alloys, including a number of exotics.


Medical devices and instruments must function exactly as intended at all times. This is achieved, in large part, by highly precise metal stamping for medical devices and instruments. When operating at the micro-level, in which many medical implements and devices are used, even the minutest variations can cause issues.

The first in ESI’s two-step approach to precision is in our industry leading tolerances. Using mechanical presses from 5 to 150 tons, and carefully designing and making tools and dies in-house, ESI can maintain stamping tolerances as tight as +/- 0.025mm. We can also maintain machining tolerances as tight as  +/- 0.005 mm).


The second step to precision involves our world-class vision inspection systems. These systems use highly accurate cameras and state-of-the-art software to take part images and check dozens of pre-specified tolerance criteria in only milliseconds.

In this way, ESI can inspect entire production runs in real time, without costly additions to lead times, and provide part deliveries with zero defect rates.

Proven Track RecordCAS Medical

ESI has been stamping and machining parts for the medical and medical device industries since our founding more than 25 years ago. We have completed high quality, zero-defect orders on parts such as:

  • Arm Board
  • Collimator Disk
  • Display Port Shield
  • Obturator-Curved
  • Stylet Wire

To learn more about ESI’s stamped metal projects for the medical industry, visit our Sample Gallery.

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