Custom Metal Stampings for Security Systems

Metal stamping is essential in the production of various security components, such as terminals, brackets, and other automation products. Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI) uses advanced metal stamping to manufacture components for commercial and home security systems. We employ advanced progressive die and fourslide stamping to reduce costs and deliver high-quality parts quickly.

Learn more about our custom metal stampings for the security industry, including our specific capabilities and examples of components we produce.

ESI’s Metal Stamping Capabilities

Engineering Specialities, Inc. (ESI) offers advanced metal stamping capabilities. We offer progressive die stamping and fourslide stamping with built-in vision inspection and state-of-the-art automation. Our facility can handle various thicknesses and produce low to high volumes of metal-stamped components.

Progressive die stamping allows a manufacturer to complete multiple stamping procedures in a single process. A metal coil of material moves from one station to another, with each station cutting, punching, or bending the material to achieve the final product. Progressive die stamping from ESI offers several benefits, including:

  • Speed: Progressive die stamping offers rapid production capabilities when continually fed materials. It can produce hundreds of parts per minute, providing high production capacity and quick lead times.
  • Minimal waste: Progressive die stamping efficiently uses materials, resulting in significantly less scrap than other stamping processes.
  • Quality assurance: ESI relies on a rigorous Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), including Six Sigma, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Advanced Production Quality Planning (APQP), in-die protection, barcoding, and automated vision inspection for all of our operations. These measures allow us to achieve minimal defect rates for all production runs.
  • Low part cost: Progressive die stamping’s minimal material waste and low labor costs from automation result in a low cost per part.

Fourslide stamping is similar to progressive die stamping in that it can complete multiple stamping procedures simultaneously. Fourslide stamping equipment contains one tool per slide for up to four different tools, which can perform multiple bends or cuts in a single operation. Fourslide stamping offers the following benefits:

  • Cost efficiency: Fourslide stamping requires relatively simple and inexpensive tooling, reducing startup costs. Materials used in fourslide stamping can be purchased at the width of the final product, reducing waste and costs associated with excess material.
  • Eliminate the need for secondary machining services: Fourslide stamping is a single-step process, allowing the component to be bent, folded, cut, and/or punched in a single procedure. The one-step process eliminates the need for secondary machining.

Applications in Security Systems

ESI produces various commercial and home security components using metal stamping. Some of our components include connectors, clips, brackets, and door mechanisms like locks. Our full list of security system components include but are not limited to the following:

  • Clips, tabs, pins, and other metal pieces in control panels and key fobs
  • Collars
  • Door handle components, hinges, and hinge pins
  • EMI shielding to prevent electromagnetic interference between nearby electronics
  • Heat sink panels
  • Latches
  • Lock tumblers
  • Pressure mats and actuation levers
  • Spade connectors and ferrules for wired systems
  • Switch and micro-switch contacts

Reach Out to ESI for Metal Stamped Security System Components

ESI is a leader in metal stamping with over 30 years of industry experience. We can produce high-quality security system components quickly and cost-effectively using our cutting-edge metal stamping equipment. We rely on fourslide and progressive die stamping to produce metal-stamped security system components in any volume.

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