Stamped Metal Parts for Military Applications

Stamped metal for military and defense applications must be expertly designed for ultra-high precision and reliability.

These industries hold defense contractors to strict military requirements and specifications (MIL-Specs) in order for their parts to make it into any Department of Defense (DOD) projects.

military-helicopterMetal stamping for military and defense applications requires extreme attention to detail and quality on each individual part. Not only that, but manufacturers must also be capable of producing these complex parts at consistent, high-volume runs with zero defects.

Rigorous MIL-Specs require manufacturers to operate state-of-the-art equipment that can produce the tightest tolerances, as well as perform strict quality control checks to remove any defective parts. In an industry that demands perfection, accuracy is critical down to the thousandth of an inch.

ESI proudly offers progressive die stamping, fourslide metal stamping, and high end metal machining processes that make perfect, intricate cuts and bends on every part, while eliminating inefficiencies and enabling large production volumes for MIL-Spec applications.

We run metal stamping orders as small as 1,000 parts and as large as 20 million or more, while holding tolerances as tight as .001” (.025 mm). Our machining and assembly capabilities, which include 5-axis CNC milling, wire EDM, and multi-axis CNC turning, hold tolerances as tight as .0002” (.005 mm).

To support our cutting edge metal stamping and machining capabilities, ESI employs the most advanced vision inspection technology. Custom-built by our expert in-house engineers, this technology looks at every single part to check tolerances, scan for defects, and ensure that we deliver only the highest quality products to our customers.

Past Work

ESI has completed a number of projects for military applications over its 25+ years of experience. These projects included:

  • torque-wrenchCollar, Tail Landing Gear
  • Adapter, Electric Actuator
  • Bushing, Tail Landing Gear
  • Housing, Tail Landing Gear
  • Pin, Shear
  • Pilot Assist Module Manifold
  • Blade Clamp Assembly Details
  • Bell Crank – Machine Bushings
  • Torque Wrench
  • Landing Gear Bonding Fixture
  • SV Throttle, Primary Shaft
  • Windage Block
  • Platecover Brushlock
  • Cover Plate
  • Throttle Blade SV
  • Trigger

Learn More

ESI proudly designs and manufactures complex parts to meet stringent MIL-Specs. To see all our past machining and metal stamping for military applications, visit our sample gallery.