Metal Stamped Parts for the Solar Industry

The growing solar energy industry relies on stamped metal components for many types of primary and secondary equipment. Frames, fasteners, brackets, and more are used to hold and position solar panels for protection from damage and optimal solar absorption.

ESI specializes in progressive and fourslide stamping and is a leading provider of custom metal parts for solar applications. We offer low- to high-volume production, tool and die making, assembly, and finishing processes to meet your requirements and tight tolerances.

Our stamping processes are efficient and cost-effective, offering high repeatability and short lead times. We are committed to providing the highest quality stampings through 100% part inspection and Six Sigma Black Belt QA training. We are also IATF 16949:2016 certified.


We can work with a variety of materials in thicknesses from 1/8” to .005” (4mm -.1mm). Some of the most common options include:

  • Aluminum alloys
  • Copper alloys
  • Titanium
  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Phosphor bronze
  • Beryllium copper

Our team will help you select the best material for your application. We also offer a free online material selection tool to compare factors including typical applications, recommended finishes, bend rating, tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, relative cost, and more.

Applications in the Solar Industry

Some common stamped components and assemblies for solar energy applications include:

  • Fasteners
  • Brackets and racking
  • Enclosures and housings
  • Contacts, terminals, and connectors
  • Shields
  • Clips/wire harness management

Secondary Services

As a full-service provider, we offer a range of secondary services so your entire project can be completed in one stop, saving you time and money. These services include:

  • Laser marking: Our TYKMA Minilase XL laser machine marks serial numbers, barcodes, reference marks, logos, and other markings on parts up to 20 inches wide x 12.5 inches long x 12.6 inches high.
  • Assembly services: We offer fast and accurate assembly with our automated equipment.
  • Finishing services: Chrome, zinc, and nickel electroplating and paint/coating applications are available depending on requirements for corrosion resistance, electrical or thermal conductivity, surface finish, and aesthetics.
  • Quality inspection: We rely on state-of-the-art inspection and measurement devices including the Magellan CNC vision measuring system. Completed pieces are barcoded for tracking.

Get Your Project Started Today

At ESI, we bring years of experience working with OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers to all of our customers, with a focus on processes, planning, and product quality. In addition to custom progressive and fourslide stamping, our capabilities include low- and high-volume production, in-house tool and die building, CNC machining, and custom fastener fabrication. We add value to every project with services including laser marking, automated assembly, finishing, and quality inspection.

Our promise to you is high-quality stampings that meet your requirements with on-time delivery. Contact us today to learn more, or request a quote to begin your next project with us.