Manufacturers in virtually every industry are adopting renewable energy solutions as a way to remain competitive. ESI is a trusted partner in renewable energy manufacturing and is committed to delivering expertly crafted renewable energy solution components. We produce a diverse selection of parts, from EV batteries and chargers to solar and electrical components, power cable bundle clamps, electrical bus bars, and more. 

EV Car Batteries and Chargers

ev car battery chargers

The number of electric vehicles on the road has been steadily increasing for years, and by 2035 more than half of all passenger vehicle sales will be electric. Electric cars utilize lithium-ion batteries as a power source. The cost of lithium-ion batteries has plummeted over the years, making it unlikely this fuel source will change any time soon. 

Lithium-ion batteries produce electricity by moving lithium ions throughout the EV battery components. The layer called the cathode is the most integral component for energy production. It contains micro-crystals that pair negatively charged oxygen with positively charged lithium and other metals. When the battery is recharged, the lithium ions are removed from these crystals and stored in a graphite-based anode. 

ESI has served the automotive industry for over 30 years with stamped metal parts that are integral in nearly every automotive component. We enable our customers to meet their goal of reshoring battery cell production in the United States, lowering their producing costs, and simplifying the supply chain. 

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems represent significant potential for industrial process heating worldwide as they can increase efficiency and decrease nonrenewable energy consumption. Solar panels are comprised of six separate components which include silicon solar cells, standard 12V wire, bus wire, a glass sheet, and a metal frame. A solar panel’s metal frame, in particular, serves an important role in solar energy production. It protects the panel against weather conditions and enables it to be mounted securely at the required angle. 

solar panels ESI manufacturing facility

ESI supports the growing demand for solar thermal systems by producing precisely machined custom metal frameworks of any size. ESI is so committed to solar thermal systems, we installed solar panels in our own manufacturing facility. We understand firsthand the environmental impact and cost savings this technology can have and are committed to helping others achieve their green manufacturing goals. 

Wind Turbine Energy

In recent years, the US market for wind energy has grown substantially. Wind turbines produce energy cost-effectively and reliably and their growing demand has made sourcing a reliable manufacturer for wind turbine components crucial. Wind turbine manufacturing involves producing turbine rotors and rotor blades, drivetrain systems, towers, and necessary electronic equipment. 

All elements of wind turbines must be produced according to the highest quality standards to ensure longevity and reliable performance. Turbine blades must deliver strength and withstand virtually constant operation throughout twenty years of service. Drivetrain elements such as gearboxes also need to perform reliably and require innovation to meet the ever-growing energy capacity demands. 

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Turbines are made by manufacturing the tower and then assembling it onsite. Separate portions are bolted together and positioned by a crane. Next, the gearbox, driveshaft, and blade pitch are assembled and mounted onto a base frame. Aluminum is often used to construct the turbine’s blades since it is lightweight and simple to assemble. 

ESI: Creating Solutions For Renewable Energy Projects

If renewable energy solutions are a priority for your company, ESI has the capabilities and experience to help. Whether you’re focused on electrical, solar, or wind applications, our metal stamping and finishing capabilities deliver precise components at any volume. We work with a range of materials including aluminum alloys, copper alloys, steel, and stainless steel, and can develop a custom solution that meets all of your requirements. Contact us today to get a free project analysis.  

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