While metal’s use is obvious in the manufacturing of exterior automotive parts — like car panels, hoods, and fenders — it is also used for hundreds of smaller, safety-critical interior components, as well.

For example, did you know that metal components must be stamped or cold formed to properly restrain a car’s air bags? Or that the inside of your steering wheel comprises an intricate working of stamped and assembled parts?

The most common interior automotive components made from stamped or formed metal can be found in Engineering Specialties, Inc.’s Automotive Parts Infographic. The infographic features an overhead view and side view of the car, with an interactive moving locator to show where each metal part is placed in the car.

Automotive Infographic

In the front of the car, metal is stamped or cold formed to manufacture fasteners, screws and other components inside the dashboard and steering wheel. These include:

  • Airbag cover tether restraint — Comprised of two stamped eyelets crimped to the length of an aircraft cable, this critical safety component provides a secondary means of restraint for the airbag cover.
  • Auto HVAC parts — A range of stamped clips and contacts are used in automotive HVAC systems.
  • Key FOB screws — In sizes as small as M.16, these miniature screws are designed for thread forming in light metals and plastics, such as the ones used in electronic car keys.
  • Wiper motor bracket — Stamped solenoid brackets serve as critical wiper motor components.
  • Steering wheel — From backcover fasteners to complete horn switches, steering wheels rely on various stamped parts to ensure optimal safety and reliability.

In a car’s interior, you’ll find various stamped and formed components inside:

  • Cable crimp sleeve bracket — Cable crimp sleeve brackets are made for fastening cables to pillar sheet metal.
  • Seat belt anchor nuts and bolts — These nuts and bolts anchor D-rings or seat belt pretensioners.
  • Auto electronic fasteners — Either thread formed or conventionally threaded, these stamped fasteners are often found in light metal and plastic housings.
  • Head rest guide partsHead rest guides make use of various stamped and formed springs and brackets to ensure smooth, easy adjusting.

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At ESI, we’ve been providing industry-leading stamping services for over 25 years and have had the chance to manufacture stamped metal parts and assembly fasteners for several clients in the automotive industry.

In addition to serving the automotive sector, our team also works on metal stamping projects for a wide range of other industries, from military and medical to aerospace. We utilize both fourslide and progressive stamping methods, and can handle both high-volume and low-volume needs.

To learn more about the types of car parts that are manufactured through metal stamping techniques, take a look at our Automotive Parts Infographic today.


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