3 Ways to Address High-Volume Metal Stamping Defects

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  1. 3 Ways to Address High-Volume Metal Stamping Defects


    A common need in today’s business and manufacturing world is the production of large quantities of complex parts – with quick and accurate results.

    Finding a cost-effective metal stamper that can meet the required time frame also isn’t easy. There are a few challenges that can slow production time or quality.

    Combatting Defect Rates

    prevent-metal-stamping-defectsDefect rates are one of the most common challenges that come with high-volume runs. These types of runs can incorporate numbers as large as millions or even hundred-millions. With this many parts, inspection of each piece becomes quite challenging.

    ESI’s team created a solution for the high-volume inspection process to help prevent potentially defective parts from reaching the customer.

    Our solution involves using multi-part fixturing that allows multiple parts to be inspected simultaneously. This special inspection method involves coordinate measuring machines, or CMMs, which use a probe to do a tactile inspection of each part, coupled with machine vision systems inspecting parts using imaging software.

    ESI’s multi-part fixtures allow us to measure and compare hundreds of part dimensions in only a few minutes. Not only is the process time-sensitive, it also guarantees quality and fidelity of the parts we manufacture at any size run. This ensures that no defective parts are sent out to valued customers by maintaining quality assurance across all orders.

    Other Challenges

    3-solutions-metal-stampingThe multi-part fixture is simply one solution to various problems associated with metal stamping high-volume runs. Our latest eBook addresses two other challenges commonly faced with such runs, such as when a process does not output the part as it was designed, and when a high-volume production wears down tools, resulting in eventual delays.

    To learn more about potential challenges in high-volume runs of metal stamping, as well as further solutions to these issues, download our free eBook, 3 Solutions to High-Volume Metal Stamping Defects.

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