ESI Launches New Materials Division Called CThru Metals

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  1. ESI Launches New Materials Division Called CThru Metals

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    ESI is pleased to announce the launch of CThru Metals, a new division within our metal forming and manufacturing business. This dynamic new division will specialize in expanded metal mesh foil products with precision-grade, high-quality metals, thinner gauges, wider coils, and enhanced durability.

    cthru-metals website

    Why Expanded Metal Mesh Foil?

    Manufacturing expanded metal mesh foil creates a far more reliable product than woven wire, with far less scrap than perforated metal. Unlike woven wire, expanded metal mesh comes from one homogenous piece of material, imparting better durability and consistency.

    Our engineering teams developed proprietary equipment and techniques that allow us to configure a wide variety of expanded metal foil materials to precise specifications and tolerances. Our expanded metal experts will create custom mesh from stainless steel, copper, aluminum, exotic alloys, titanium, and more.

    cthru metals mesh foil

    Expanded metal has begun to take market share from perforated metal in recent years due to the amount of waste involved in perforated metal production processes. For example, if a perforated metal panel has perforations that comprise 50% of the original sheet, then 50% of the original metal sheet becomes scrap. Creating components out of expanded metal foil offers superior production efficiency and produces less waste than perforated metal solutions.

    With expanded metal, our proprietary cutting and stretching processes ensure minimal material loss. Furthermore, we can meet very narrow tolerance levels with expanded metal mesh foil, providing clients with precision, consistency, and bespoke materials that fit exact specifications. Our diamond sizes range from 0.03 to 0.5 inches, while the mesh openings may range between 25-5,000 per square inch.  We work with metal thicknesses from 0.001”, (0.025mm) up to 0.016” (0.40mm).

    Given the urgent demand for high-performance metal forming in a wide variety of industries, ESI saw this as a fresh opportunity to deliver higher-quality expanded metal mesh at a lower cost. Our expanded metal capabilities at CThru Metals include:

    • – Flattening
    • – Stretching
    • – Annealing
    • – Custom blanking
    • – Solid sections


    Why CThru Metals?

    ESI has more than 30 years as an industry leader in metal stamping, which gave us unique insight into the growing need for high-quality, expanded metal mesh foil in numerous industries. Using our metal stamping expertise, we created innovative, proprietary equipment and processes that enable us to fabricate custom shapes and sizes for any unique application.

    Some of the products we can produce include:

    • Expanded metal foil for lightning-strike protection for aircraft and wind turbine blades
    • – Expanded metal foil for fuel cells, batteries, electronics, and solar
    • – EMI shielding for delicate electronics
    • – Custom metal and plastic mesh filters for filtration applications

    We build all tooling in-house, further leveraging the benefits of our proprietary processes and equipment. With all products completed start-to-finish at our facility, our customers will always enjoy quick turnarounds and high quality.

    ESI has achieved much over the past 30 years. This new division is an exciting step for our growth and toward serving our industrial customers with more advanced solutions than ever before. Visit the newly launched CThru Metals website for more details about our capabilities.

    Learn more about CThru Metals

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