ESI Adds Swiss-Made Wire EDM Machine to Connecticut Facility

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  1. ESI Adds Swiss-Made Wire EDM Machine to Connecticut Facility

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    Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI) is excited to announce the addition of a new high-speed wire EDM cutting machine to its line of innovative equipment.

    The introduction of the AgieCharmilles CUT 300 mS, the most versatile wire EDM machine on the market, will exponentially expand upon ESI’s precision machining capabilities and services.

    Wire EDMSpecializing in high speed wire EDM cutting, the CUT 300 mS features a large 22” x 14” x 16” cutting area with X, Y, Z travel capabilities, and wire diameters ranging from .076 to 0.33 mm. The machine’s outstanding precision can achieve a cutting tolerance of ±2 µm and surface quality as fine as Ra 0.1 µm, as well as taper cuts at full height up to 45 degrees.

    This high standard of precision is maintained by the CUT 300 mS’ active thermo-stabilization system, which is capable of maintaining water temperature within +/- 0.2 degrees Celsius. The machine’s numerical controls, 3D setup, smart threading, and intuitive human-machine interface allow for high speed data transmission and facilitate quick adjustments during and between jobs.

    With these state-of-the-art capabilities, the CUT 300 mS cuts pieces with the highest precision while providing both time and cost savings in a variety of ways. Finally, this high-speed wire EDM cutter is built for long lasting precision, so customers will never have to worry about a decline in quality.

    For ESI customers specifically, the addition of the CUT 300 mS means they will receive better quality products thanks to optical communication lines delivering high accuracy and the finest surface finishes. The versatility of this machine opens up ESI’s capabilities in manufacturing a range of different types of projects, applications, and industries.

    About ESI

    Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI) has delivered custom engineering and manufacturing solutions for over two decades. ESI utilizes cutting edge technologies to cut costs and improve quality for its customers’ most time-sensitive and safety-critical jobs. For more information about ESI’s design and machining services, including its new wire EDM cutting capabilities, please visit the website today.

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