3 Ways Manufacturers Are Powering Eco-Friendly Initiatives

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  1. 3 Ways Manufacturers Are Powering Eco-Friendly Initiatives

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    As consumer demand for sustainable, eco-friendly products and services continues to rise, many major corporations are responding by incorporating green manufacturing processes into their day-to-day operations.

    Eco-Friendly Initiatives

    One of the best examples of this push toward greater sustainability is the adoption of environmentally friendly packaging. Leading companies such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Amazon are now choosing to work with eco-friendly packaging materials made from recycled materials while making efforts to reduce waste and setting goals to allow for recycling of 100% of used materials.

    Choosing sustainable manufacturing practices isn’t just good for the planet — it’s also good for your bottom line.

    Companies that can market themselves as eco-friendly businesses stand to significantly expand their customer base, as many of today’s consumers are specifically seeking out environmentally friendly products and brands.

    Since customers are more likely to purchase products they feel good about consuming, adopting green practices can seriously enhance company and product appeal. Making the effort to reduce your environmental footprint can also allow for reduced costs, as efficiency is enhanced and waste is reduced.

    Below are some examples of how leading industrial manufacturers are adopting more sustainable practices.

    Employing LED Lighting

    Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, recently implemented an initiative to install LED light fixtures in 6,000 of its stores, which will ultimately save $100 million in energy costs.

    But big retailers aren’t the only ones adopting LED lights; more than 1/3 of major professional sports venues — including 2018’s Super Bowl arena, Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium — are using LED lights. In fact, ESI just upgraded every light fixture in its 30,500-square-foot building to LED lights a couple of months ago.

    Installing LED lights also allows industrial manufacturers to reduce their environmental footprint. In fact, the market for LED lighting is expected to increase by 15% within the next five years, eventually reaching almost $55 billion in total global sales.

    As a result of this growth, LED light manufacturers and companies that produce their associated parts are seeing a significant increase in demand from customers requesting LED parts and components. Popular stamped lighting parts include LED fixtures, cover clips, quick connectors, and brackets.

    Minimizing Scrap

    Many industrial manufacturers are also working to minimize scrap. While scrap metal is an inevitable byproduct of any metal forming process, manufacturers can take steps to significantly minimize or reuse the scrap they produce.

    At ESI, we use innovative tools and processes to reduce the amount of excess scrap produced in our manufacturing activities. For example, our progressive die stamping equipment — which we use to create metal components with complex shapes at high speeds — features an optimized tool design in order to produce minimal scrap.

    Using blank configurations and common nesting practices can also reduce the amount of engineered scrap produced. The team at ESI designs the layouts of our tools in a way that maximizes the number of parts that can fit within the minimum strip width, thereby producing less waste. Not only does this create a smaller eco footprint, it also allows for cost savings for our customers.

    Creating Eco-Friendly Products

    As awareness spreads about the impact of industry on the environment, companies across many different sectors are implementing energy-efficient and sustainable initiatives. Machinery, cars, and buildings are now incorporating green practices and using more efficient and lightweight materials in their construction.

    These initiatives require innovative, original engineering solutions, and the talented team at ESI has the expertise and problem-solving skills necessary to develop top-quality, energy-efficient parts tailored to clients’ exact needs. For example, we recently delivered a cost-effective aluminum air resistor to a customer in the aerospace industry who was looking for a specialized solution to their production problems.

    Learn More

    Looking to transform your company into a more eco-friendly business? Visit our industries page to learn more about how ESI serves industrial manufacturers. Or, contact us directly to discuss your options with an expert.

    Go Green

  2. Inside ESI: How Our Manufacturing Equipment Works

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    Committed to continual improvement, the team at ESI is constantly on the lookout for new equipment and processes that will ensure the highest-quality, fastest production — especially for the largest runs.

    ESI MachinesTo accomplish this, we’ve even custom-built a few machines of our own.

    You may have heard about our latest venture in 3D printing to expand our metal stamping capabilities and better serve our diverse clients. But this isn’t the only valuable investment we’ve made over the years.

    Below, we explore the state-of-the-art machines that have helped us solve our customers’ toughest challenges.

    State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Equipment

    • Swiss-Made Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)

    swiss-made-high-speed-EDMAdded in March of this year, the AgieCharmilles CUT 300 mS specializes in high-speed wire EDM cutting and boasts cutting tolerances of ±2 µm and surface qualities as fine as Ra 0.1 µm.

    In addition to its high precision and fine surface finishes, it also provides significant time and cost savings. What does all this mean? Higher-quality products, faster turnaround times, and lower costs for our customers.

    Read more about how our EDM machine saved a customer money while allowing for design flexibility.

    • 150-Ton Stamping Press

    Progressive die stamping provides a cost-effective way to produce metal components with complex geometries at extremely high speeds while ensuring high reliability and minimal scrap. With a bed size of 48 in. x 60 in., our 150-ton press can stamp a variety of formed and flat parts.

    Discover how our 150-ton stamping press saved one client 80% of their part order and cut their lead time from 10 weeks to four.

    • Custom Vision Inspection Machine

    laser-sensor-inspectionTo ensure reliable quality, ESI designed a proprietary vision inspection machine that can inspect parts based on dozens of criteria — in milliseconds.

    A laser sensor triggers a camera, which captures an image of the part as it drops through a window in the machine. These quality inspections are faster and more accurate than human inspection and allow us to deliver millions of parts at a quicker turnaround, with zero defects.

    To get an inside look at how this groundbreaking technology works, download our eBook, “High Volumes, Zero Defects: How It Works” or see it in action here.

    • Automated Assembly

    In addition to our metal stamping capabilities for complex parts, we also offer assembly services. Through our automated assembly and inspection services, we can increase production rates while reducing your costs and turnaround times.

    See for yourself how we were able to increase productivity and decrease defect rates for one of our recent customers.

    • Automated Packaging Line

    As an extension of our automated assembly services, ESI’s automated packaging line weighs and counts bulk parts to precisely fill cartons, allowing for speedy and accurate packaging before delivery.


    About ESI Precision Metal Stamping

    Here at ESI, we pride ourselves on our precision metal stamping expertise and one-on-one personal service. With a variety of high-quality metal stamping machines, we can work on projects of any size, for any industry — from aerospace and medical to military and automotive.

    We invite you to visit our cutting-edge facilities in North Branford, Conn., where we have 57,000 square feet of manufacturing space. To see our equipment in action. Contact us today to schedule your visit.


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