drones used for the medical industry

3 Industries That Are Benefiting from Drones

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Years ago, drones seemed like an idea of the future that would only exist in a science fiction novel. Fast forward to today, where the personal and domestic use of drones is growing rapidly. Ecommerce giant Amazon.com, for example, is working hard on a number of fully autonomous drone prototypes to make their proposed Amazon […]

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Watch a 3D Printer Create an Inspection Fixture

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In a relatively short amount of time, 3D printing has had quite an impact on the manufacturing sector. As 3D printing becomes more prominent in the public sphere, it opens up a world of opportunities for manufacturers. 3D printing technology is “additive,” meaning manufacturers can use the minimum material needed to fabricate the part — […]

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solar panels ESI manufacturing facility

Thinking Green: ESI Supports Environment with Solar Panels

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Solar power usage saving CT manufacturer gas, money, and emissions Earth Day is just as important in the manufacturing field as it is in the private realm — especially for local metal stamper Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI), which saves one hundred tons of CO2 per year with its building’s solar panels. More than two years […]

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ESI Adds Swiss-Made Wire EDM Machine to Connecticut Facility

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Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI) is excited to announce the addition of a new high-speed wire EDM cutting machine to its line of innovative equipment. The introduction of the AgieCharmilles CUT 300 mS, the most versatile wire EDM machine on the market, will exponentially expand upon ESI’s precision machining capabilities and services. Specializing in high speed […]

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How ESI Assembles & Inspects 500,000+ Parts Per Week

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Every manufacturer constantly seeks ways to increase productivity while simultaneously decreasing defect rates — which is not an easy task. Using highly advanced machine vision technology, however, is one way to accomplish the feat. Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI) has integrated this technology into an automated assembly process that allows us to quickly manufacture, assemble and […]

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ESI New Website

The New ESI: Check Out Our New Website’s Capabilities

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We are excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned company website. The dynamic new website creates an interactive user experience to share details about ESI’s technology, the company’s tools and capabilities, and the benefits of working with ESI. Among a number of new features, some of the biggest highlights include: — Blog – In […]

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high volume stamped metal parts

3 Ways to Address High-Volume Metal Stamping Defects


A common need in today’s business and manufacturing world is the production of large quantities of complex parts – with quick and accurate results. Finding a cost-effective metal stamper that can meet the required time frame also isn’t easy. There are a few challenges that can slow production time or quality. Combatting Defect Rates Defect […]

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